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WELIGHTING on August 4, 2021

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PISTA by Modular Lighting Instruments is a 48V magnetic track rail range with a thin and slim design that fits every room. go for sleek by adding linear lighting or go for accents with Minude or just mix and match!

There’s an ever-growing demand for flexible lighting. A track system is the perfect solution to adapt lighting to new needs. With Pista you get to design more versatile and playful configurations, over and over again.


Product engineer: Vincent Chanterie

Ceiling and wall track lighting and all your options

Challenge your ceiling and wall track lighting ideas with Pista’s configurations, recessed, surface or suspended. Pista lets you play with layers of light, symmetry and asymmetry. Get an all-around experience with Pista suspended up/down. Try out shapes and corners with 180°/90°/flex connections.

Choosing the right “spot” for your Pista

Personalize your Pista track configuration by adding accent lighting with miniature spots on their own, or in combination with a variety of linear LEDs. Minimalistic designs, a choice of anodised colours, beams pointing in all kinds of directions, directly on the track’s surface or suspended.

LED linear lighting for all kinds of effects

Bathe your space with elegant and powerful linear LED for general lighting or make it more ambient and intimate with Pista’s Night Light. Create accents with integrated, tiny but powerful linear LED spots, without interrupting Pista’s sleek lines. Reduce glare further with a linear flap module.