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Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon

WELIGHTING on December 29, 2021

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Sivoia QS Triathlon is the most fashionable, flexible, and reliable automated shading system available today. This battery-powered solution features industry-leading battery life and is easy to install and maintain, making it perfect for retrofit applications. (It’s also offered with wired power.)

Available in roller, insulating honeycomb, and wood blind styles, as well as a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures, these shades meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space. Able to work as a standalone or system solution, you can control these shades at the touch of a button.

Easy to install and maintain

Unique innovative technology ensures 3-5 year battery life, for hassle-free maintenance.

The innovative headrail simply tips forward to reveal the battery tray, making it easy to change the batteries without taking down the shade.

Convenient control

Adjust shades from the comfort of your home with a handheld or wall-mounted control, or from anywhere in the world with the Lutron App. Eliminate glare, increase privacy, or create the perfect atmosphere with just one touch.

Seamless integration

You can integrate your shades with Lutron home control solutions so you can seamlessly control them in conjunction with your lights—transforming your space for any activity.

You can integrate rollers and honeycombs with Caséta, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks solutions. NEW wood blinds work with Caséta and RA2 Select.


Roller Shade
Honeycomb shade
Wood blinds

Works with


Works with:
Honeycomb shades, Roller shades, and Wood blinds

RA2 Select

Works with:
Honeycomb shades, Roller shades, and Wood blinds

RadioRA 2

Works with:
Honeycomb shades, and Roller shades ONLY


Works with:
Honeycomb shades, Roller shades, and Wood blinds