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WELIGHTING on April 8, 2022

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Noise is basically any unwanted sound. In fact, There Are a Lot of Noises in a Workspace.


Human noises

face-to-face conversations, conversations on phone


Machine noises

Fax, copier, shredder, electrical tools


Impact noises

door opening and closing, walking on hard surface


Background noises

low frequencyMVAC system

Acoustic attenuation is the energy loss of sound transmission in a media. Vertical components can be applied between two spaces to cut down sound energy propagating across it.


Technical Drawing

After understanding the requirements, we can create different lengths of Acoustic Lights to suit any space. From custom drawings and finishes all tailored for customer satisfaction.

Referenced Project – Airwallex

The installation of the product in the office will make you feel more at ease with its beautiful appearance and sleek design. It also absorbs noise.

Our Acoustic Panel is one of the most effective applications for noise attenuation in an indoor space.

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