KYLO Series – Artificial Skylight

WELIGHTING on September 15, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of WELIGHTING’s latest collection, the KYLO Series, featuring our cutting-edge “artificial skylight” technology. We invite you to watch our reference video to see the KYLO in action.

With Rayleigh Scattering Technology, KYLO can provide you with a more realistic blue sky effect, and at the same time give you a sense of distance from the deep sky, allowing you to feel the comfort of the sky while soothing your eyes.

KYLO Series are also customizable, allowing you to program the intensity and color temperature of 1800K-10000K can also simulate sunrise and sunset, and simulate the change of sky color temperature throughout the day (HCL lighting) of the light for a personalized lighting experience tailored to your space’s specific needs.

Try our KYLO Series to see the benefits of natural light and customizable features that transform your space.

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